Donations and bequests

Making a donation

In making a donation to the Friends of St Mary of the Angels Charitable Trust you must be specific in designating the Trust as the recipient of your donation.

If you wish to be specific how you donation is used we ask that you specify in writing when making your donation. We have a number of areas you may wish to consider:


For the Reserve Fund
You may consider that your total donation goes to the Reserve Fund. The donation you make will then be kept in perpetuity with only the interest from the donation used towards projects.

You can then decide on these options:

  • Reserve Fund but left "untagged" (the trustees then have the option to decide on which projects the interest from your money will support).
  • Reserve Fund for Church Restoration and Maintenance. The interest from your donation will only be used on the Church structure and other Church projects.
  • Reserve Fund for General Parish Projects. The interest from your donation will be used on presbytery, Church organ, stained glass windows, garden/lawn development and maintenance, etc, at the discretion of the trustees

You also have the option of earmarking in your donation for one, two or all three of the account options detailed above if your donation is directed to the Reserve Fund, by specifying in writing the percentage of your donation's interest your want to go to the options you nominate.


A General Donation to the Trust
If you prefer, it is completely acceptable for you to leave your donation "untagged". With this type of donation the trustees will allocate the total sum you have donated to one or more of the following accounts:

  • to the Reserve Fund
  • to an account where your total donation will be spent on or within the Church structure.
  • to the general account where the total sum will go towards various projects associated with the presbytery, the Church organ, the stained glass windows, the gardens/lawns or such other projects as permitted by the Trust's constitution,

as deemed appropriate at the time by the trustees according to requirements detailed in the Trust's annual budget plan, drawn up by the trustees for any particular year.

How to Make a Donation

Currently, the Friends of St. Mary of the Angels Charitable Trust is only able to accept donations in cash, by cheque or money order, by direct credit or international money transfer.

Cheques must be made out to "Friends of St Mary of the Angels Charitable Trust" For direct credit or international money transfer details please telephone, fax or email ( the Parish Manager for information on completing a direct credit or international money transfer.

No matter which option you choose, an official receipt for tax purposes will be issued. Donations can be received in most major international currencies as well as New Zealand Dollars. Cheques can be mailed mailed to:

Friends of St Mary of the Angels Charitable Trust,
Attention The Parish Manager,
17 Boulcott Street, Wellington 6011,
New Zealand.

or dropped of at the Parish Office or placed in the collection at Sunday Masses. Cash donations must be delivered directly to the Parish Office.